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Make Smarter Gas Buying Choices Via the JAA Fuel Prices Guide

By July 16, 2019July 19th, 2019No Comments

You can expand your gas buying options by checking the Fuel Prices Guide on the Jamaica Automobile Association’s (JAA) website, says Jason McNeish, deputy general manager.

“Most drivers say that they purchase gas where it is cheapest, but there are many other factors which can affect your final decision, such as customer service and convenience,” he said. “We have upgraded our Fuel Prices webpage to assist drivers to find where stations are located, and how they stack up, in terms of pricing.”

The webpage covers over 90% of the gas stations across the country and its pricing information is updated weekly. The guide is in line with the JAA’s goal to provide unique member services, while facilitating mobility and safety for all road users.

“We wanted to make gas buying choices easier,” Mr McNeish said. “You can find station  comparisons  by parish or by company, so that you can find your preferred brand wherever in the island you are.”

“Wise consumers will be guided by their experience, however, it is useful to have a broader view of the pricing spectrum across the island,” he said. “You might get some surprises.”

Information is provided on the popular grades of motor fuels, including E-10 87 and 90, as well as both diesel and ultra low sulphur diesel.

John Gordon, Web Application Developer, JN Group, said the new page, which he developed, represents a substantial improvement that will benefit users. The JAA is a subsidiary of The Jamaica National Group.

“The previous fuel prices page worked fairly well, but it was due for an upgrade,” Mr. Gordon said. “With this new page created, it provides a more intuitive user interface, with additional features such as the ability to view prices from your preferred gas station, and also to find the stations with the lowest prices on Google Maps.”

“As a driver myself, I wanted to ensure that I could access the best information available, and I believe that this webpage provides it,” its developer affirmed. “I think those who use it will find it helpful.”