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The following terms & conditions constitute the agreement by and among JAA Member and The JAA. Any use of JAA membership card or any attempt to access the JAA’s services by the member
constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and procedures as most recently adopted by JAA. They apply to all JAA members and to all services offered by JAA. At its sole discretion,
JAA may amend this agreement by giving Member thirty (30) days written notice via e-mail. Any use of the services or request for the JAA services by the Member, after these time frames
constitutes acceptance by Member of such change(s) and the agreement of Member to abide by the same.

  1.  Membership must be current at the time of requesting assistance.
  2.  The JAA membership and associated card provides coverage of an Individual and not a vehicle unless the membership was issued to a corporate entity in which case it is the vehicle that is covered for assistance.
  3.  The card shall be used solely by the Member who must be present with the vehicle being assisted. The JAA Technician reserves the right to request appropriate picture identification prior to providing service.
  4.  Membership will be verified prior to the provision of service by the Association. Where membership cannot be verified, the Association reserves the right to provide assistance only on payment of a service deposit by the person requesting service. This service deposit is refundable if membership is validated after.
  5.  The Member shall use all reasonable precaution to prevent loss, theft or destruction of the card and undertakes to verbally notify the Association immediately of such loss, theft or destruction.
  6.  Where a card was previously issued, the Association reserves the right to charge a fee for a replacement card.
  7.  The Member must contact the JAA first for assistance. The JAA reserves the right torefuse service where any other party (mechanic, roadside assistance team, individual etc.) has already physically assessed the vehicle prior to the arrival of a JAA Technician.
  8.  JAA shall make available and provide upon request roadside assistance to its members in the cases of breakdown or accidents. Towing and services are provided as required and as determined by the situation.
  9.  Free towing is not applicable to vehicles that have been stolen.
  10.  In the event that a vehicle in excess of 2.5 tons requires specialist equipment for the purpose of towing, the equipment if used will be at the sole expense of the Member.
  11.  A locksmith is provided in the case where the key may be locked in the vehicle. Where the key is lost, stolen or the locks damaged, the expense of a locksmith is the responsibility of the Member.
  12.  The JAA is not responsibly for any minor damage that may occur while attempting to retrieve keys locked in vehicles.
  13.  The JAA will give assistance to replace a faulty tyre/ wheel with your vehicle’s roadworthy spare, in the event that there is no available spare tyre the JAA will offer any available towing assistance.
  14.  Any request for the JAA to take the tyre to a tyre repair facility will attract a valet service charge.
  15.  In the event that a faulty tyre/wheel exceeds the safe lifting capacity of a single individual, the Member will be responsible for settling any fees associated with acquiring additional assistance.
  16.  Roadside assistance is applicable to all vehicles with the exception of:
    • Trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles exceeding 4 tons
    • Registered and unregistered tractors and farm equipment
  17.  Motorcycles requiring roadside assistance may experience delays in service which would be due to the availability of appropriate equipment.
  18.  The Association reserves the right to refuse service where:
    • Membership is less than 24 hours
    • Cheques used for payment of membership are uncleared
    • Vehicle requiring assistance is on the premises of an Approved Auto Repair Contractor or motor garage or service station or any other place deemed a repair facility
  19.  The provisions of spare parts and/or tyres are not the responsibility of the Association.
  20.  When your vehicle unexpectedly runs out of fuel, The JAA will deliver unleaded petrol or diesel up to respective service entitlements.
  21.  General and/or maintenance repairs are not included in the provision of roadside assistance; only minor repairs will be performed by the Association’s Technicians.
  22.  The Association is not responsible for the transportation of passengers beyond the safe carrying capacity of the JAA Response vehicle / towing vehicle, however, a taxi can be arranged at the member’s expense.
  23.  The Association reserves the right to refuse service where it regards overly excessive and irresponsible use of its membership. You may be requested to ensure that the vehicle is placed in a sound mechanical and roadworthy condition and, until this has been done, any further requests for free service may be refused or service provided for a fee.
  24.  Membership fees and fees paid for the procurement of a Contractor in the provision of roadside assistance are non-refundable.
  25.  Where payment is made for road service in excess of or in lieu of free entitlement under the above conditions and you feel extenuating circumstances exist, you may apply to JAA for consideration of an ex-gratia payment. Your application should include all relevant details, accompanied by the original receipt covering payment, be signed by you and submitted within 15 days of the call for service. The Association’s decisions regarding the application are conclusive.
  26.  In the performance of its services hereunder JAA will use its best endeavours, traffic conditions and weather permitting, to ensure:-26.1. Prompt Response JAA responds to requests for its services in a timely manner. In this regard JAA staff and equipment are normally at the location of the accident or otherwise within 40 minutes after being notified by the relevant personnel.26.2. Public Courtesy The personnel of JAA are polite, courteous, helpful and extremely professional to all members of the public, in carrying out their tasks of providing roadside assistance and towing services.26.3. Equipment JAA utilizes the most modern equipment for breakdown, recovery and towing services and for the transporting of all types and classes of motor cycles and vehicles.

    26.4. Health and Safety JAA adheres to internationally recognized procedures for health, safety and environmental standards, which are applicable for the protection of the public and its employees from hazards arising from the provision of emergency roadside assistance services.

    26.5. Licensed Vehicles and Equipment All vehicles and equipment which are utilized in providing the agreed services are licensed, insured and registered in accordance with the Laws of Jamaica.

    26.6. Trained Personnel The JAA team of personnel is comprised of experienced and trained mechanics, wrecker operators and technicians who exhibit strong leadership and dedication.

  27.  JAA shall provide the aforementioned services, in a diligent, effective and professional manner in accordance with internationally acceptable standards of proficiency and safety and with due care and attention to the property and interests of others, and shall at all times take all precautions necessary to avoid causing loss or damage to third parties or their property in the course of carrying out the services hereby contemplated.
  28.  JAA shall provide and outfit its personnel at all times with appropriate safety gear and equipment, and shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that its personnel wear such safety gear and equipment while providing the said services.
  29.  The obligations of the parties shall be governed by the Laws of Jamaica.

JAA bears no liability for services rendered by third party service providers and gives no warranty on the services received from them. In addition, no responsibility will be accepted for any loss of
income or any loss or damage arising from the inability to provide services.