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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact any other service before calling the JAA for assistance?

No, the Member must contact the JAA first for assistance. The JAA reserves the right to refuse service where any other party (mechanic, roadside assistance team, individual etc.) has already physically assessed the vehicle prior to the arrival of a JAA Technician.

Can I lend another person my JAA membership card to allow them to receive the benefits?

The card shall be used solely by the Member who must be present with the vehicle being assisted. The JAA Technician reserves the right to request appropriate photo identification prior to providing service.

Are there instances where the JAA can refuse service?

The Association reserves the right to refuse service where:

  • Membership is less than 24 hours
  • Cheques used for payment of membership are uncleared
  • Vehicle requiring assistance is on the premises of an Approved Auto Repair Contractor or motor garage or service station or any other place deemed a repair facility

Is roadside assistance provided for all vehicles types?

Roadside assistance is applicable to all vehicles with the exception of:

  • Trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles exceeding 4 tons
  • Registered and unregistered tractors and farm equipment

Do I still receive the free locksmith benefit if my keys are lost or stolen?

A locksmith is provided in the case where the key may be locked in the vehicle. Where the key is lost, stolen or the locks damaged, the expense of a locksmith is the responsibility of the Member.

Can I get free towing if my vehicle was stolen?

No, free towing is not applicable to vehicles that have been stolen.

Is there a fee for replacing a lost JAA Membership Card?

Where a card was previously issued, the Association reserves the right to charge a fee for a replacement card. The current replacement card fee is $500.00 plus GCT.

How long after a call for assistance is made can a response be expected?

JAA responds to requests for its services in a timely manner and JAA staff and equipment are normally at the location of the accident or otherwise within 40 minutes after being notified by the relevant personnel.

How does my membership card benefit me?

The JAA membership card provides coverage for an individual and their vehicle(s), unless the membership was issued to a corporate entity, in which case it is the vehicle that is covered for assistance.

Are Membership fees payable monthly?

No, unless otherwise stated, all membership fees are due annually.

Does the JAA only provide roadside assistance in Kingston and St Andrew?

No, the JAA has an extensive network of technicians and independent contractors, such as garages and wrecking companies, which provide emergency assistance to JAA members island wide.

How do I get a Gold Membership?

JAA members enjoy a wide range of services and benefits that are covered by an affordable annual fee that suits any budget. A JAA membership covers the driver to ensure that, with or without a vehicle, you can still receive the benefits of your chosen membership plan. Sign up now here: Packages