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JAA Member Benefits

By February 27, 2008No Comments

JAA Membership Benefits

The JAA has since 1924 provided various vital services to its members and the larger Jamaican public. In 2007, the modernized organization with its bright yellow vans, motorbikes and mobile offices, first aid centers and accident help desks provide more than a splash of colour to the island’s roadways.  Here are a summary of the benefits of being a member of the JAA today.

The JAA aims to provide its members with peace of mind as they traverse the sometimes treacherous Jamaican roadway. The benefits:

  • Provide a safer way of driving
  • Give services in case of accidents or unfortunate circumstances
  • Provide discounts when you travel to any country with Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA) affiliations.

Accident Response Services
The JAA team will:

  • prepare preliminary accident reports;
  • provide security for the vehicle and occupants;
  • take photographs of the accident scene and documents for use in insurance and police reports.

Emergency Roadside Assistance
The JAA team is trained to apply a number of solutions to enable your vehicle to be on the move is the shortest possible time.

  • Minor repair services
  • Flat battery service
  • Flat tyre service
  • Fuel, oil and water delivery service
  • Key lock-out assistance

Vehicle Recovery Services

Island-wide Towing Services. Whether it is for general purposes or due to an accident, JAA provides the facility of towing to qualified garages or the location of your choice. Additionally, the JAA is the exclusive provider of vehicle recovery services for the Portmore leg of Highway 2000.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Using cutting edge technology, the JAA team is able to provide single car or fleet owners with the ability to effectively monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times.  This service can also:

  • provide efficient management of field personnel;
  • provide electronic timekeeping;
  • reduce time spent by employees in vehicles at un-authorized locations;
  • reduce overtime hours;
  • reduce downtime of vehicles and
  • reduce fraud relating to fleet management.


The following are provided for members:

  • Reminders of document renewal dates
  • Vehicle registration renewal at Collector of Taxes (Corporate Area)
  • Windshield Sticker

Discounts from over 160 locations / providers island wide

You do not have to leave Jamaica to benefit from the ‘Show Your Card and Save’ programme as the JAA has negotiated a varied number of locations for members to gain lower prices.  Discounts from these JAA partners range from 5 – 55% and the breadth of offerings is amazing.