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Ready for Your Star Treatment

By February 27, 2008No Comments

Ready for Your Star Treatment?

Six-Step Approach to JAA Star Service

The JAA employs only the most willing team members who are ready to treat you like the ‘Star’ customer you are to us!  Each team member is not only technically minded but trained to serve the various requests that our customers will have in their time of need on our nation’s roads.  We would like to share with you our six-step approach to serving all our members.

  • Prompt Response: We aim to arrive at the relevant location within 40 minutes of receiving notice of the need for service by our member. We will provide not only personnel but the equipment to carry out the service effectively.
  • Public Courtesy: Our team members are trained to be polite, helpful and professional to all our members while carrying out the essential services.
  • The Right Tools: We have modern tools to do the job right on the spot.  We have state of the art equipment for breakdown, recovery, towing and transporting all types and classes of vehicles.
  • Heath and Safety: Every day, we live up to international standards of health and safety procedures and thus, our team is trained to deal with first aid issues that may arise from emergency roadside situations.  Our sensitivity to environmental standards also guides us in our procedures for the ultimate protection of the public, our members and our team.
  • Licensed Vehicles and Equipment: We uphold the laws of the land with our fleet of cars and we assist our members to do so through provision of services to register vehicles with the Collector of Taxes and take vehicles for their fitness examinations.
  • Trained, Skilled Team: Our team is highly skilled as registered mechanics, wrecker operators and technicians who are selected for their strong leadership and dedication to the high standards espoused by the JAA for over 80 years.  These team members are trained to identify and aid in the solution of the problems of our members as we respond to your call.