Jamaican Discount Partner


    Jamaican Discount Partners

    You do not have to leave Jamaica to benefit from the ‘Show Your Card and Save’ programme as the JAA has negotiated a varied number of Jamaican locations for members to gain lower prices.  Discounts from these JAA partners range from 5 – 55% and the breadth of offerings is amazing.

    These include:

    • insurance companies;
    • auto parts and service businesses;
    • wrecking companies, locksmiths and  hardware stores;
    • hotels, restaurants and travel agents;
    • pharmacies, electronics and jewellery stores;
    • clothing and shoes stores; drycleaners;
    • beauty salons and supplies stores; gyms and spas;
    • photo studios; flower shops;
    • providers of optical products and services;
    • gift shops and book stores;
    • car rental companies; gas stations;
    • and a plethora of miscellaneous suppliers.

    For a complete list of JAA’s discount partners CLICK HERE

    Top Jamaican Discounters

    Each week, we will feature discounters; however, today our list is of the companies offering the highest discounts.  These are:


    • Curves Gym for Women: 55% of service fee – Liguanea Post Mall, Shop #12, 115 Hope Road.  Tel.: 978-8110,


    • Bert’s Auto Parts: 6 -10 Camp Road, Kingston 4.  Tel: 938-2493/930-8500 (conditions apply)
    • Everett Fenton Garage Ltd. 20% off Wrecker services.  65 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5.  Tel.: 946-2600 / 2602
    • Strawberry Hill: 20% off rack room rate.  Tel. 944-8400 Fax: 944-8408.  www.islandoutpost.com / Email: strawberry@cwjamaica.com
    • Crane Ridge Resort: 20% on accommodation.  Ocho Rios.  Tel. 974-8051 / 795-2258.  www.craneridge.net
    • Goldmine Jewellers.  Up to 20%.  Shop 28, Sovereign Centre.  Tel.: 978-3485-6.
    • Exclusive Tropical Weddings.  28 Davis Avenue, Montego Bay.  Tel.: 952-0400.  Fax.: 952-2929
    • Five Star Water Sports Limited.  20% on direct bookings only.  121 Main Street, Ocho Rios.


    • Reminders of document renewal date
    • Vehicle registration renewal at Collector of Taxes (Corporate Area)
    • Windshield Sticker
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