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New Online System Simplifies JAA Membership Application

By July 1, 2010No Comments
The respective form will come onscreen after the link is activated. The customer can then fill out the form, providing details for a membership application or purchase. Then the customer selects the method of payment, which can only be made using a Visa, MasterCard or the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Key Card.

“This online method simplifies the process of accessing membership; and it will go a far way in reducing the difficulties for persons who want to join our Association, but don’t have the time to come in to make the payments,” Mr. Spence says.

Persons who join the JAA now through July 31 will receive a $1000 gas voucher, Mr. Spence says. The vouchers can be redeemed at six service stations in the Corporate Area—  Blake’s Texaco on Red Hills Road and Elizabeth Avenue; Bramwell’s Texaco service station in Liguanea and LG Brown Gas Station on Constant Spring Road and Dunrobin Avenue.

Having JAA membership is very beneficial Mr. Spence states. You can becomes a gold member for a fee of $4,100 annually, or a platinum member for $7,000 annually; and your JAA membership entitles you to roadside recovery, and auto benefits including, valet and document renewal services.

Members can also access discount and roadside services when they travel abroad because of the JAA’s association with international auto clubs such as the American Automobile Association.

And additional benefits include participation in the motor club’s Show Your Card and Save programme, in conjunction with more than 250 merchants across the island, which provides discounts from 10 to 20% on motor vehicle parts, and a wide cross section of other products and services.
“The JAA is here to give assurance,” Mr. Spence says. “And joining the motor club is easy, just log on to our website.”