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Valet Service Reduces Motoring Hassle

By February 5, 2010No Comments

The Jamaica Automobile Association’s response technicians (from left): Sydney Wedderburn, Jermaine Blackwood, Terrence Reynolds, Terrence Stewart, Roger Wilson, Don Waite and Alphonso Gunter. They were recently certified by the American Automobile Association.

The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) is offering to ease some of the burdens faced by local drivers with its valet service.Motorists can overcome the logistical headache when they drive their vehicle to the airport for a trip overseas, by having a valet return it to their destination of choice. JAA’s valets drive vehicles to any destination of choice across the island.

“We also facilitate transporting your vehicle for repairs or a simple wash,” explains Duane Ellis JAA’s Operations Manager. The basic cost of the service starts at J$2,500.

People can also save the time lost in joining queues to get their motor vehicles’ fitness certified, Mr. Ellis adds, by simply making a phone call to the Association to have the matter handled by a valet. “Call us and we will inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in order. Then we will take it for examination at the Examination Depot.”

“The valet service is part of the peace of mind we offer,” says Emile Spence, Executive at the Jamaica National Building Society in charge of the JAA. “It demonstrates that JAA offers cost-effective service.”In addition to its valet service, the JAA also facilitates document renewal. The service is free of charge to members but is available to non-members for a cost of only $500. “We will collect your documents, take them to the tax office for renewal and take them back to you,” Mr. Ellis added.

The services fit naturally into the overall response services provided by the JAA because of the logistical capabilities of the team, Mr. Ellis said. JAA response technicians are competent in operating all standard forms of land transportation, including motorcycles, and are qualified automotive technicians. They are positioned across the island, Mr. Ellis stated, to ensure effective response to calls for roadside assistance, which is JAA’s primary offering.

“Recently, the JAA improved the quality of its service through certification by the American Automobile Association of its response team in light duty towing and recovery. And, we are currently the only company whose response team has this high level of certification.”

These specialized technicians help guarantee that tow truck operators uphold best practices when carrying out their duties, Mr. Ellis said. “We will be able to identify when contractors are using the incorrect techniques and we can guide them so that only the safest practices are employed when towing vehicles.”

Membership in the JAA offers many benefits, Mr. Spence pointed out. One can either be a Platinum or Gold Member, to access services such as emergency roadside assistance, as well as merchant discounts locally and overseas.

“Our members can access discounts of up to 20 percent from more than 250 merchants cross the island, by simply showing their JAA membership cards at participating businesses,” he explained. These discounts are available from hotels, visitor attractions, auto services, car rental agencies, beauty salons, gyms, spas and other businesses.

“Similar benefits can also be accessed when JAA members travel abroad, through our relationship with the American Automobile Association (AAA). Our members are also entitled to the benefits of other AAA members around the world,” the JAA Executive said.

The AAA connection provides JAA members with emergency roadside assistance, road maps and route planning when overseas, among other services.

“We continue to improve our service, negotiate value-added benefits, and enhance the performance of our team, so that members can be assured of the best quality products and services from the Association,” Mr. Spence stated.