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Tropical Battery Offers Value to Motorists

By October 27, 2010No Comments

Tropical Battery’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Catherine Collins, showcases a wide range of Castrol automotive products distributed by the company. The company’s distribution line also includes Caribrake, ArmorAll and WD-40.

Ask Sales and Marketing Manager, Catherine Collins, what has been Tropical Battery’s source of energy for more than half a century, and she will tell you that, “it is a bit more than the lead-acid reaction in its batteries.”From her perspective, it is the sincere efforts of the company over the past six decades, to ensure that the demand of every customer is satisfied; and by maintaining products and services that are enviable in quality, value and are superior.

“Our Warranty Agreement is second to none and our distribution network is superior to our competitors; and because of this, our end users are extremely satisfied,” Mrs. Collins boasts about the strength of the company’s offerings and operational infrastructure, from its main operating base on Grove Road in the Corporate Area throughout its more than 600 dealers across the island.

The company owned and operated by the 2008 Jamaica Observer Business Leader award-winning Melville Family, claims 80 percent of the automotive market for its core battery products, as well as its line of automotive products and accessories.


“We are an automotive company that markets 24 global premium brands including ArmorAll, STP, Castrol Oil,” says Mrs. Collins. “Apart from our own batteries, we carry UPS and motorcycle batteries, as well as facilitate special orders for companies, such as the Jamaica Public Service Company, which uses powerful six-volt batteries.”The company no longer manufactures its own batteries; as in today’s global village, all of its battery products are made to its specifications by its manufacturers in Korea.

“Our experts examine the Jamaican climate and conditions, and ensure that the batteries are built to tropical specifications. As a result, our products are superior and we have satisfied customers.”

And although recent increases in the price of lead on the world market have resulted in an increase in the price of its batteries, Tropical Batteries continues to provide value to customers by offering discounts and promotions that assist to offset some of the cost. Lead prices trended up earlier this year due in part to the efforts by China, a main producer of minerals and metals, to cut pollution by closing down rogue mines and processing plants.

“Buying a battery is a big investment these days; therefore, we add value by securing meaningful deals and discounts that will make doing business more encouraging,” Miss Collins said.

For example, customers who are members of the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA), can access five percent discounts on any product purchased from Tropical Batteries when they show their embossed JAA membership cards at Tropical Battery outlets and dealers. These discounts are in addition to other rebates offered by the company on selected products.
“With battery prices starting at $5,800.00 and going up to $18,000.00, in some instances, depending on the vehicle, discounts make a big difference,” she said.

The JAA “show your card and save” offers discounts of up to 20 percent on a wide range of products through its 200 merchant partners across the island. The products and services one can access are not only automotive, but include pharmaceutical products; hotel accommodation and visitor attractions; as well as spa and beauty treatment.

“We have maintained this partnership with the JAA for more than five years; and we continue to forge partnerships like this, to offer more value to our customers,” Mrs. Collins affirmed.