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Life’s Easier with our Document Renewal Services

By December 10, 2013No Comments
A JAA representative will collect your vehicle documents and take them to the tax office for renewal.

A JAA representative will collect your vehicle documents and take them to the tax office for renewal.

Have you ever forgotten the date for your vehicle fitness renewal? If you have, then the thought of someone calling or sending you an email reminder is probably a dream come true. The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) is making this dream a reality through its member support services, which include dispatching renewal reminders to its members each month.

Gosma Buddoo, Member Services and Administration Manager, JAA said the reminders, are part of efforts by the Association, “to provide members with a stronger customer experience that will hopefully make their lives a little easier.”

He noted that the JAA’s customer records management (CRM) system goes a  far way in assisting this process as it allows his team to effectively track all members from the moment they sign up for membership.

“We keep track of the membership life cycle and the information that persons provide when signing up guides our communication with them,” he said, noting that members are engaged with reminders for their motor vehicle fitness and registration renewal and membership renewal, as well as birthday greetings.

The renewal reminders, which are a built-in benefit of all three JAA membership packages, form part of a holistic membership management approach that has been adopted by the association in order to keep members connected.

“Our reminders are sent via email, phone calls and SMS text messages, because we know how valuable this information can be to our members, especially if they didn’t remember about it,” Mr Buddoo stated.

But, renewal reminders are just the first part of this member benefit, as all holders of JAA Gold and Platinum membership packages are entitled to benefit from a document renewal service for license registration. A valet service for vehicle fitness inspections is also available to Gold and Platinum members once a year free.

“With these benefits, the JAA actually completes the entire process for the members, as we would collect the funds for the registration process,” he said, explaining the document renewal service.

Through the valet service, a JAA representative will collect the vehicle and take it for inspection at the examination depot. Once this is complete, it would be returned to the member, with the relevant documents.

Nichola Bryan-Dixon, who has been a JAA member since January 2013, can attest to the value and convenience of these services.

“I receive a notice before my documents expired and I was asked what I wanted to do. I had the option to make an appointment, following which a representative came and collected my documents and the money, as well as the vehicle,” she explained, adding further that her vehicle was returned within a half day.

Mr Buddoo pointed out that currently, the Document Renewal Service was only available to members in Kingston and efforts are being made to provide it to members in Montego Bay.