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Join Us and Join the World

By March 3, 2008No Comments

In today’s global community, where technology has conquered the barriers of time and space, more people are travelling on their own to explore the cultures of distant countries.  Therefore being a part of a worldwide network such as an international automobile club can be extremely beneficial. The services of your motor club must be effective enough to be valuable at home, and, its network expansive enough to deliver tangible benefits while you are travelling abroad.

Even as far back as 1924 when the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) was formed, its leaders had a vision of bringing Jamaican automobile owners and operators benefits tantamount to those provided in larger, more developed countries. Fast forward some 80 years later, the dream has been realised, and then some.

With earliest international links to England’s prestigious Royal Auto Club, the JAA now enjoys the esteem of being the only auto club operating in Jamaica that boasts a solid network of international partners. As a member of the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) the JAA offers road side assistance and a plethora of other benefits here, in Jamaica, and in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Jamaican to the core, the striking yellow and black motif of the JAA van is a welcomed site in the event of a flat tyre on a lonely country road. In the United States, it’s AAA that comes to the rescue, or the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) in Japan, and in Canada, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

That’s the extent of membership to the Jamaica Automobile Association. Alan Beckford, JAA General Manager, says the club focuses heavily on adding value to membership.

“While most Jamaicans join primarily to enjoy our superb roadside assistance programme, others join for access to the global benefits. As a member of the JAA, you join a global network of more than 120 million people, and you benefit from the privileges of being a part of this special group. Join us and join the world,” Mr. Beckford asserted.

He said that these benefits accrue in the ‘Show Your Card & Save’ programme which enables members of the JAA to access preferential services in countries where there FIA member clubs.
“The international discount programme is a good way to access exceptional rates on products and services for travel and leisure. And, it has practical advantages too. Here in Jamaica, members can access discounts for insurance premiums, vehicle related purchases, and even dining,” Mr. Beckford disclosed.

He pointed out that as a member of the JN Group, JAA members also access benefits offered to members of the building society.“Another advantage of being in the JN Group is access to the Member Care Centre which facilitates calls for roadside assistance from the JAA. A trained team of dedicated professionals are on hand to respond to queries and to coordinate help where needed,” he said. Mr. Beckford said that with more than 25,000 members locally, the JAA was swiftly expanding its reach. “In addition to our corporate area services, we have strategically placed JAA technicians across the island, in areas such as Mandeville, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Savanna-la-Mar and several other main towns,” he stated.