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JAA Providing Security with Roadside Assistance

By October 13, 2011No Comments

“The security is provided free of charge for all areas where our members may be vulnerable, particularly at night,” Duane Ellis, General Manager of the Jamaica Automobile Association, said.

Mr. Ellis emphasized that “The security teams are on hand to provide maximum protection to our members while our roadside assistance technicians help them with whatever difficulty they are experiencing.”The service standard of the JAA’s roadside assistance team is to respond in 40 minutes to all calls from the toll-free emergency line at 1-888-CALL-JAA.

“The team is mobilized and ready to go shortly after we receive a call, however depending on the time of day and the location of the stranded member, our arrival time on the scene is usually considerably less,” Mr. Ellis noted.

“Our team is prepared to deal with most situations that arise with our members; in addition technicians are trained to secure accident scenes, assist with paper work and they may call an ambulance service if necessary,” Mr. Ellis explained, adding that “the JAA will also provide towing free of charge to members once a year, up to a cost of $5,000.”

The most common reasons for roadside assistance calls range from members needing to have their car jump started, assistance with changing a flat tyre, minor vehicle repairs, and in some cases, assistance after running out of petrol.

Becoming a JAA member is simple. The association currently offers two packages for members: Gold for $4,100 and Platinum for $7,000, GCT not included. Both packages offer a variety of services including—accident and roadside assistance, document expiry reminders and renewal services.

The JAA also has a Monthly Payment Package that will allow persons to pay for their membership at a rate of $400 per month. Under this plan, persons will have access to all roadside assistance services; and the JAA will provide ‘pay as you go’ towing services for these members.