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JAA Enhances Membership Benefits with Free Tracking Device

By March 7, 2011No Comments

Police records indicate that some 2,000 motor vehicles are stolen each year. Of that number approximately 18 percent are recovered.

Against that background, the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has added another benefit to protect its members with the recent offer of a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking device, the Guardsman Alarms Automatic Vehicle Locater (AVL).

“Motorists face several risks on the road; and, therefore, we have made it our responsibility to ensure that JAA members have access to modern tools, which can protect them and their property,” says Duane Ellis, General Manager of the Motor Club.The Guardsman Alarms AVL which are provided in partnership with Guardsman Alarms Limited, are provided and installed free of charge for members; and are monitored by Guardsman, for a fee of $2,000.00, monthly.

The partnership forged between the JAA and Guardsman Alarms to provide tracking units is exclusive. “It exists nowhere else in Jamaica,” Mr. Ellis emphasises. 

“These tracking devices are embedded with various functionalities and capabilities that are difficult to manipulate,” Garth Kitson, General Manager of Guardsman Alarms attests to the capabilities of the units. He says each device is also carefully and effectively monitored.
“We study the movement of our clients,” he explains. “Therefore, if ‘Mr. Brown’ usually leaves home at 6:00 in the morning, then a red flag will be raised if his car is moving at 3:00 a.m.,” he says. 

 The Guardsman Alarms AVL builds a virtual fence around clients’ vehicles, he explains, which makes it difficult for criminals to steal motor vehicles, even in crowded locations.
“The system uses latitudinal and longitudinal signals, which are transmitted from a satellite; and, if the vehicle even moves an inch, a signal will be sent to our central computer system immediately; and we will dispatch a team to protect our client and his or her property in a flash,” the Security GM says, emphasising that his company’s commitment is to protect not only the property, but the individual.

The tracking device also comes with added benefits to motorists, Mr. Kitson points out.
“We network with several other motoring organisations, such as tour operators, who are able to feed us traffic updates; and we are able to pass this information on to our clients. Therefore, if a truck breaks down on Mount Rosser, and we note that you are headed in that direction we can notify you in advance.”

The tracking device also allows clients to view the vehicle location data on a map via their cell phone.  The information is updated automatically, every few minutes and may be viewed at any time, because the GPS unit in the vehicle will operate correctly in all weather conditions.
“Our products and services embody our promise to our clients that they are “never alone.” We are always a step ahead so that we can offer the best protection,” Mr. Kitson says.  
In addition, members who use the tracking device will experience a five to 15 percent reduction in their motor vehicle insurance premiums.
 “This is certainly news that our members will welcome and it complements our ongoing Show Your Card and Save programme which provides several outlets to access discounts,” The JAA General Manager says pointing out how the capabilities of the new device fits into the range of benefits provided by the auto club, which offers reliable and expert roadside assistance; and a range of other convenient products that include valet services and document renewals. And, recently the JAA introduced a corporate car service; and a quarterly auto clinic to assist members with their motor vehicle maintenance.  
“We continually strive to strengthen our product and service offers to protect our clients and improve on our mantra to offer ‘peace of mind,’” Mr. Ellis says, noting that the tracking device is indicative of the kind of security that we offer our members.

In addition to its expert services, Mr. Ellis emphasised, that the JAA also provides opportunities for members to save up to 20 percent when they show their membership card at more than 150 JAA merchant partners across the island. These merchants include hotels, visitor attractions, spas and beauty salons, automotive and auto care businesses and pharmacies.

And, members may also access similar discounts and roadside services when they travel abroad, as the JAA is a member of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. Members may access services when they travel to any FIA member country across the globe.