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JAA: A History Of Service Now Modernised For The 21st Century Driver

By March 3, 2008No Comments
The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has since its inception in 1924, served road users across the island in providing member services as well as being the source of vital information on safe road use and practices.  The JAA has played an integral part in sculpting the automotive and road landscape in Jamaica and continues to play an active role in its positive development.  By 2007, however, the JAA had evolved and is now a true pioneer in its use of cutting edge technology to offer the same services it always has and so much more!

From its emergency roadside service anywhere in the island within 40 minutes to its vehicle recovery programme; from its defensive driving classes to its road safety campaigns and advocacy, the JAA has blossomed into a 21st century engineer of solutions for its members and the national road users as whole.

Through this website, the JAA is offering a wealth of information on its operations, the benefits of membership and general tips for safe and effective road use.  The JAA’s many local and international corporate and discount partners are also highlighted.

Together with the JAA, you can contribute to greater harmony and safety on the nation’s roads. Please take the time to read, learn and act!