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Female Drivers Benefit from JAA Service and Discounts

By December 28, 2011No Comments

Peter Johnson, the Brand and Technical Manager at JAA Discount partner, Automotive Arts Limited, buffing a motor vehicle as part of a product demonstration.

In addition to roadside assistance and security backup for female drivers, the Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) has added value to their membership in the auto club, through its internationally recognised Show Your Card and Saveprogramme, which allows members to access discounts of up to 20% on products and services from major merchants of motor vehicle parts and services, as well as other consumer products.

 “We have partnered with a variety of merchants in Jamaica, whose products and services compliment the lifestyle of our female members,” Mr. Duane Ellis, General Manager of the JAA stated. “And, this diverse group of discount merchants provide products and services covering automotive, travel, personal care, health, beauty and other goods.”  

Through these services, the Association’s female members have the opportunity to save money on purchases at more than 150 participating local JAA Discount partners under the Show Your Card and Save programme.  

“Our membership card has its own value-added in this regard,” Mr. Ellis affirmed, “as it delivers real savings on products and services that our members need to purchase on a regular basis. In addition, many of our discount motor vehicle repair partners have tailored their mechanical services to meet the requirements of female drivers.” 

For example, JAA discount partner, Peter Johnson, the Brand and Technical Manager at Automotive Arts Limited, explained that his company seeks to serve female drivers by recommending services that will improve their driving experience. “Women generally take pride in their vehicle, getting them washed and cleaned sometimes twice weekly,” Mr. Johnson noted. “And, they are concerned about what they can do to improve their vehicle, such as the mounting of new rims and tyres.” 

He said that his technicians examine vehicles along with the drivers, and advise them what they can do to improve it. They discuss waxing and polishing, checking the air pressure in the tyres to ensure the tyres wear evenly. “And, as a dealer of Dunlop and Michelin tyres and car care products, including automotive paints, we encourage female drivers to ensure that they get the best products to keep their vehicles in the best shape.” 

Automotive Arts Limited was a participant in the Auto Clinic staged by the JAA, entitled Girls Day Out,’ which was held at the JAA’s Central Avenue headquarters in November. At that event the auto club’s female members were pampered with spa therapy treatments, while their motor vehicles were serviced by the JAA’s maintenance team.