Fleet Management

The Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) offers a comprehensive Fleet Management programme for companies. We aim to maximize the efficiency and performance of your company’s vehicle operations, while reducing liability exposure.

Through the JAA Fleet Management package, we will perform the following activities on your behalf:

  • Approved acquisition of vehicles
  • Maintenance
  • Re-marketing/disposal of vehicles as determined by cost effective life cycling
  • Assigning and reassigning of vehicles to ensure availability to qualified employees at all times
  • Initiate, monitor and recommend adjustments to the fleet policy
  • Document renewals will be completed prior to the expiration of documents
  • Determine appropriate cost effective life cycling
  • Identify appropriate vehicles/equipment that would maximize efficiency and profitability.

All fleet vehicles will be assigned a MCIS Advance Card, to be used where possible, to settle all invoices. In addition, spare keys to all vehicles will be kept by the JAA.

Loaner vehicles will be arranged in some situations to replace assigned vehicles.

The JAA will maintain suitable records for the fleet of vehicles, available for annual audit, as required. A file will be kept relating to the history of each vehicle, and will be used to prepare reports and perform analyses.

Valuations will be done as needed (usually at projected disposal), undertaken by a valuator from the JN General Insurance (JNGI)  approved Panel of Valuators. The target replacement age for vehicles is usually in the 5 year region and/or mileage of 161,000 km.

For more information, on our Fleet Management programme contact us.

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