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    Dear Advance Customer:

    Thank you for choosing our JAA ADVANCE card to manage your fuel expenses. We appreciate your business.

    As your trusted business partner our primary objective is to provide services that support your fleet operations and help you save money. Therefore, from to time to time, we will bring to your attention additional JAA services that we believe will be of great interest to you and will provide you with significant added value.

    One such service we’re excited to introduce to you is our JAA Advanced Driver Training with Simulator Technology. We recognise that driver errors can have a significant impact on fleet management costs and, therefore, in line with our commitment to deliver high-quality services, we have implemented an Advanced Driver Simulator for enhanced driver training and assessment. This cutting-edge technology takes driver training to a whole new level.

    Our Advanced Driver Training programme begins with comprehensive Driver Assessments, providing a baseline for improvement. Using our state-of-the-art driving simulator, we can identify specific areas of improvement in a safe environment while gathering objective data. Our courses include:

    • Defensive Driving
    • Collision Prevention
    • Commercial Driver Training

    All our courses are aimed at reducing accidents and minimising vehicle and driver downtime.

    Several companies have already benefited from this service and are enjoying financial savings, as a result of safer driving practices and reduced repair costs.

    Additionally, we are also pleased to introduce our JAA Vehicle Wrecking and Recovery Services. To ensure convenience, especially during challenging circumstances, you can use your ADVANCE card to make payments for our wrecking services.

    We believe in providing seamless and comprehensive solutions for your fleet management needs. By taking advantage of our Advanced Driver Training and Wrecking services, you can enhance the safety of your drivers, reduce costs, and have peace of mind knowing that JAA has you covered.

    Click the link to read about how a prominent company has benefited from our Advanced Driver Training: https://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20230517/carreras-jaa-pleased-results-safe-driver-programme.

    Thank you for choosing JAA ADVANCE. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and to assist with achieving your fleet management goals.

    For more information,


    Warren Wilson

    Head of Sales

    Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA)


    876 551 0518

    Or, Justine Binsley 1876-929-1200 to learn more.

    You can also call the JAA at 1876-929-1200 or send a message on WhatsApp to 1876-878-2886.

    Contact us today!

    Best regards,

    JAA ADVANCE Customer Support

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