Do You Know About JAA’s Roadside Assistance Benefit


    The JAA, which is a member of The Jamaica National Group, offers 24-hour emergency roadside assistance across Jamaica and provides different membership packages to customers, based on their needs and affordability.

    “In terms of basic roadside assistance, we provide tyre changes, jump-starts and minor repairs”, said Coswayne Samms, Membership Manager, JAA.  “We also provide discounted towing services from a third-party service provider, and we will secure an ambulance if needed. It makes the entire process easier and less frustrating for many persons who may not have the knowledge to carry out basic tasks on a motor vehicle.”

    Mr Samms points out that another benefit of roadside assistance is that the technicians are knowledgeable on a wide range of vehicles and are able to answer most questions the customer may have while on the scene.

    “With this service, the possibility of one of our members being overcharged by a mechanic at the scene is mitigated because we are able to do basic services at no additional charge to the customer and we will even go as far as recommending a reputable mechanic, if necessary,” Mr Samms said.

    He said the JAA also provides a level of safety to members who may be having vehicle troubles in an unfamiliar place, or somewhere where they feel unsafe.

    “If the member is not experiencing vehicle difficulties but has become lost, they can call us to get directions and this provides even more peace of mind,” he stated.

    He said that if it the vehicle runs out of fuel, the JAA team will also provide enough fuel for the member to get to the nearest gas station, at no additional cost to them.

    Mr Samms revealed that the basic JAA membership package also comes with a Vehicle Document Expiry reminder, discounts from select local and international stores and 10 per cent discount on JAA driving academy and transportation services.

    Persons may sign-up and pay for JAA membership on their website at , they may also sign-up in office at 7 Central Avenue, 5 Swallowfield Road in Kingston, do a bank transfer, or make payment at a JN Bank location.

    Mr Samms is encouraging all members to ensure their vehicles are maintained to reduce the risk of car troubles.

    “We encourage everyone to ensure you service your vehicles every 5000 kilometres to reduce the risk of developing car trouble. Also, check your tyres regularly and ensure your documents are always up to date. Also, above all else, use the roads responsibly,” advised.

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